Personalised Ayurveda Informed Yoga Classes.

These classes are designed to assist you with your personal health goals with a specific focus on the principals and teachings of Ayurveda.

‘Ayurveda itself is a form of Yoga, it can be called the Yoga of healing. Ayurveda employs aspects of all the Yoga’s depending upon the level, temperament and constitution of the individual to aid in their healing’ Dr David Frawley

What you can expect with each of these classes:
A variety of practices including asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation and mantra.
A personalised home practice plan based on your current health, the season, your lifestyle and personal health goals.
Focus on moving safely into and out of each asana to avoid strain

One hour classes available, though 1hr 1/2 is recommended for a more rejuvenative practice.

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