Price List

Ayurvedic Health + Lifestyle Consultations

Initial 75min $80

Follow up 45min $65

Ayurvedic Massage (Marma Point or Abhyanga)

1hr $80

1 1/2hrs $110

without prior consultation, 1hr 20min, $95

Health + Healing Programs

Four Week Program

Includes 2 consultations and 4 massages $420

Four Week Nutrition ProgramĀ 

Includes 4 consultations $220

Three Month Health + Lifestyle Overhaul

Includes 8 massages and 4 consultations $820

Please note:
***Carla is currently on Maternity Leave and will be returning to The Nourishment Garden late 2018
***Ayurveda is not able to be claimed via private health in Australia as yet.
There are efforts being made for this to change in the future.