Marma Point Massage

A marma point is defined as a point where the muscles, joints, bones, ligaments or tendons come together and are used in marma point massage to balance the flow of energy in the body, much like working with acupuncture points in Chinese medicine.

Along with all the benefits of the basic abayanga (ayurvedic) massage, this full body massage helps to unblock stagnated energy, as well as the following:


  • Reduces nervousness & anxiety
  • helps to reduce dizziness
  • reduces tingling in the fingertips
  • Counteracts external life stress’
  • increases energy
  • Builds general body strength
  • Reduces muscular aches & pains including back and neck ache

**Please note Marma Point massage is not recommended during pregnancy. Please bring a change of clothes that you don’t mind getting oil on. There is a significant amount of oil used throughout the treatment that can stain. We recommended you leave the oils on the body for a period of time post treatment to continue receiving the nourishing benefit of the herbs and the treatment.