Community Project

When returning from India, Carla teamed up with Sisters for Sisters in support of Punanarva Trust, a public charitable Trust, wholly focused on improving the health, education and welfare of the village populations on the outskirts of the Vaidyagrama community. Punanarva Trust are dedicated to building a healthy and sustainable community based on the principles of Ayurveda and natural farming. For more information on their projects and how you can get involved go to the Punarnava Trust website.

Punarnava Trust – Children’s Home

Punarnava Trust aims to preserve and promote Ayurveda in the southern region of Tamil Nadu, India.  Offering free medical camps to the local villages and education programmes and projects that offer sustainable solutions for the local community.

Organic gardens have been built, supplying food for the nearby Ayurvedic hospital and local village.  Land has been regenerated, lifting the water tables, and children are being educated in the traditional Vedic teachings of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.

Patients are benefiting from all over the world who come for healing and transformation, including those in the local area, thanks to the commitment of Punarnava Trust.

When I returned from India in 2014, together with Sisters for Sisters, we raised funds in support of the Children’s Home. The foundations have been built, though there is still more to be done for the children’s home to be up and running. If you would like to also offer your support, you can give via the button below.

You can support the Children’s home and the efforts of Punarnava Trust through their website Dontate here.