Chunky carrot and pumpkin soup. MmmmMmmm, this is one of my fav winter soups. Grounding, nourishing and warming from the inside out!


Ginger 1 inch
Garlic 2 cloves
Onion 1 medium brown
Cumin seeds 2 tsp
Cumin powder 1 tsp
Ajwain seeds 1 tsp
Sea Salt 1 pinch
Black Pepper 1/4 tsp cracked
Organic vegetable stock 1 cube
Water 6 cups
Carrots 4 medium
Jap Pumpkin 1/2
Ghee 2 tbsp

Chop pumpkin and carrots into small pieces.

Boil 6 cups of water to prepare your stock, then add stock cube. Be sure to break up the stock cube and stir it through so it completely dissolves.

In a separate large pot, on high heat, warm your ghee until melted. Add diced onion, crushed garlic and grated ginger, stir until onion is lightly brown. Reduce the heat to medium, add cumin and ajwain seeds and continue to stir, be careful not to burn the seeds. Add pumpkin, carrots, salt and pepper, then stir through the spices to cover the vegetables in flavour. Do so for 3-4 minutes before adding your stock.

Stir through the stock and cover. Turn the heat back up to high until the soup begins to boil, then reduce to low heat and allow to simmer with the lid on. Occasionally stir. Once pumpkin is soft an reduced whilst the carrots are soft but chunky, turn of heat and allow to sit and cool before serving.