Carla has, quite simply, changed my life!  Not only does she give the most amazing massages but is very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience of Ayurveda through consultations and cooking classes.


The Ayurvedic cooking class with Carla is a one of a kind experience. Carla offers you a very intimate colourful cooking experience where you can dive deep into an Ayurvedic food heaven. All the spices, veggies and herbs where presented with so much love, it was a pure joy to get in touch with the Ayurvedic kitchen culture. On top Carla provides you with many helpful tips and tricks: where to get the ingredients or how to support your life outside the kitchen with Ayurvedic treats that suit you. Relaxing yoga nidra and sharing the amazing food we cooked together made this a perfect afternoon filled with new tastes, smells, connections, love and laughter.

Liora Lilienfeld

Yoga Teacher

Carla is a fantastic Ayurvedic practitioner, and has kind and gentle nature which makes her so easy to communicate with, and also learn from. I’ve loved all of my interactions with Carla to date. Her cooking class was highly beneficial, nurturing, fun (and delicious!) and I’ve put many Ayurvedic cooking principles into play with my own cooking since taking her class. Carla’s Abhyanga massage is truly amazing (she has hands of gold!) and I can’t wait to have more treatments with her. Carla makes learning about Ayurveda so easy, and enjoyable and has been an inspiration to my own health journey.

Natasha Mason

Director , Nourish Melbourne

The Nourishment Garden has given me the advice and support to take control of my own health and integrate lifestyle and dietary changes at my own pace.

When I first contacted Carla my health was suffering. Carla patiently explained the effect different foods can have on my digestive system and how that relates to my overall health and energy levels. We devised a diet that I felt was manageable and introduced more routine into my life. After a month of following the routine my health has improved significantly. I no longer suffer from any of the digestive health issues, my skin is looking clearer, eyes brighter and I’m experiencing energy levels I never knew were possible! Basically I couldn’t have done this without Carla’s support. I’m happier, healthier and way more productive! Thank you Nourishment Garden!!

Neisha Smith

Designer, Neisha Clothing

Carla’s Abayanga massages are relaxing and highly rejuvenating, with the delicious Ayurvedic herbal oils that are used. Delivered in a more western form, she creates and holds a loving and nurturing space during the treatment, which allows a deeper healing experience to take place. Her knowledge of Ayurveda is rich and at the same time very practical. Any questions you have she is there to help you can create a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature. I see Carla weekly and love it! I recommend her to all my friends and clients too, as she is an absolute delight to be around.

Laura Poole

Vedic Meditation Teacher

I was drawn to Carla’s Ayurvedic seminar after a personal consultation. Coming from a background of integrated healing modalities, I found Carla’s articulation of this ancient wisdom to be holistic and very easily accessible. She authentically embodies the practices of Ayurveda, and transmits them with passion and with relevancy to the experience of living in the West. I highly recommend her services to all who are feeling their body’s calling to tune in and create positive change for increased vitality.

Djulz Chambers

Director, Soul Circle Drumming

I just really want to say thank you. I almost want to cry because of how my life has changed since I’ve started working with you. I didn’t really believe I was capable of achieving the wellness I’m attaining. And, I guess, a part of me didn’t believe I deserved it. So: thank you so much Carla. Your support and expertise has really helped me on my journey. I can’t wait to keep working with you!

Carrie Maya


I knew I was carrying a lot of stress in my body but I had no idea how much until Carla covered me in exquisite oil and laid her healing hands on me. She worked her way around my tense muscles, releasing the stress that had been there and replacing it with a sense of calm, a sense of deep peace and a remembrance of the joy of existence. Carla is a gifted, present healer, and the treatment with her pushed my ‘reset’ button on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.


Musician, Saritah Music

I have been lucky enough to experience Carla’s Ayurvedic massage a number of times now. I have recommended her services to family and friends and they have all experienced great results. I have been enjoying massages my entire adult life and have literally had hundreds of massages over the years. Carla’s treatment is special. Every part of your body is looked after from your ears to your toes. It feels very holistic.

I will be continuing to use Carla’s services and I always look forward to my next treatment. The relaxation I experience post treatment really helps me to reduce the stress that comes along with having a busy life.

Tami Maree


I feel fortunate that I saw Carla speak at the Seven Sisters Festival and began working with her straight after. The Ayurvedic teachings she presented came into my life at just the right time.  I knew that I wanted to work with Carla because her knowledge and commitment were clear.  The changes that I have made to my life after our consultations have helped me to begin connecting to my body and I have felt the happiest and most energetic that I can remember feeling.  I also now have a growing base of knowledge and health to come back to when life gets challenging.

Bree Allingham

What Carla has created with The Nourishment Garden is a safe place for people to learn about and transform their bodies. I was unaware of how holistic Ayurveda is and was delightfully surprised to see positive change, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Carla is knowledgeable, intuitive, compassionate, and I feel completely supported by her. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in discovering a path to flourishing health.

Carrie Maya


Carla’s caring disposition, knowledge and wisdom have played a fundamental role in supporting me creating a physically and psychological healthier lifestyle and improving my overall well-being. I would strongly recommend working with Carla and learning more about an Ayurvedic approach to a healthy  life.